Hi all,

this week the Daily Post Photo Challenge’s topic was: Texture

I was excited about the topic as soon as i opened the page. Usually i would go out and probably search for some man-made texture in the city, but i was spending a weekend on a cottage in the middle of the forest. On my first day of exploration i had no luck.

Old tree stumps, naaah. Stones with some “nice” texture, naaah! Grass? Hell no! All just didnt look right.

Then while i was walking along the trail i recognized marks on the trees, probably indicating kind of a route. There was this one red-white mark lit by the morning sun and it looked just glorious, i had to shoot it, didnt know what to expect but i gave it a try.

Still skeptical but quite sure that this would be my best bet on this challenge i brought the pic home. Little post processing was done and voíla! You can see and hopefully enjoy my result.

I am already looking forward to the next week.

The Mark

Happy shooting!

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