Getting closer

The more i shoot, the more i discover what i like. I still need to find my style.

I recently bought a 35mm 1.8 lens for my D7000 for 2 reasons.

1: Get nice close-ups with smooth Bokeh.

2: Start to shoot street / people.
I’m usually more the introvert kind of person and used to find it more difficult to approach people that directly.

However this changed over the past 2-3 years and i got more open to approach people. So i started out shooting in the streets a few weeks ago for the first time (of course a few warm-up beers were included). It was really fun. I enjoyed capturing moments and especially people.

If you start to pay attention to the detail of what surrounds you, you begin to recognize how many interesting characters are just passing by you.

On this weekend i went out again and i got 2 shots. One of a lady with an afro having a conversation with a friend and one of a couple  ordering food in a restaurant, although in this one i got caught !

It was a great experience again and i will go to do the same tomorrow. Maybe i will even ask people specifically if i can take their picture. This is my favorite result of this evening:



Happy shooting and a great start in the new week to all of you!


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