My probably third visit to Thailand. This time, I came to stay for longer. I plan to discover the trails less travelled on the eastern part of the country and bring my photography skills to the next level.

We always go on trips with the motorbike by ourselves. Touring with a group is not a thing that we would even consider, complete freedom a must.

This time, we traveled around 100 kilometers from the place where we live to a temple called Bang Rieng, located in the Phangan disctrict.

After travelling for quite a while on our scooter, hoping it will bring us there and back without any major interference, we had to go up a steep road leading to the temple. On the way up a scenic point appeared. We took a stop and I took this picture._DSC2522


After resting for a moment, giving our scooter a break, we ventured forth and finally reached the top. It was a quiet place without any tourists, it’s probably too far off the beaten track. First thing I recognized, probably a road worker made a little tea spot on the side of the road.


Great idea I thought, unfortunately I had no water nor tea with me to boil some up. The temple itself was kind of a “standard” pagoda. I visited many so it didn’t impress me too much.


A few golden Buddhas here and there.



But then we continued to discover the area and those 2 incredible big Buddha statues came out of nowhere.



It was a nice temple in the end. We spend a few hours there, just sitting around and sucking up the atmosphere. One could easy spend a few days there and just enjoy the peaceful, serene atmosphere of this place.

Lets see where our journey brings us next. Stay tuned for more adventures.


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