Gone, but not forgotten

A while ago i started to participate in a few weekly photo challenges. One of them is “The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge“. I especially like the approach of this challenge.

You have to really think about how you can realize a certain project in this challenge. I like challenges so i participate as often as i can.

For this week the topic is: “Gone, but not forgotten”.

As i was busy on the road the past few days i just accepted the challenge today, the only chance where i i could possibly realize it was on the short trip to the beach. I packed my camera and my prime, hoping i can find something to fit the topic.

On the beach i started walking and watching. I didn’t really found something until i stumbled upon this piece of driftwood, which seemed to be laying there for a good while already.

Then i saw the small green branch growing from it, new life coming out of something that is gone already. So i thought, the branch is gone, but not forgotten by the small green branch that decided to grow on him.

Here is my picture and I’m looking forward for the next weeks challenge which i will take in Bangkok!

Please also see my portfolio for a selection of more candid shots.



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