Of course, living in Thailand on the oceanside I could simply present you with a boring beach picture…

Instead, i went out on an excursion to search a different kind of “Warmth” to present to you for this weeks challenge.

I discovered a relatively hidden path leading up to an area which looked like suffered from a huge landslide just recently, even the ground was still soft.

But of course, to get the shot I had to hike up anyway. Reached the top I was presented with a majestic view over the limestone cliffs here in Krabi.


And believe it or not, I shot my first HDR with my DSLR and tried to make it look as natural as possible.

Even tho, it’s still raining a fair bit every day here, it was a sunny morning and had around 30° at 10 AM.
Feel the warmth I send to you for the cold European Winter and read you next week for a new challenge :-)

And here the obligatory proof that I actually took the shot :-)



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