The end of Project 365 and why I stopped

I was doing the project with great enthusiasm in the first few days, but after the first ten pictures I felt like the quality of my shots is devolving.

I just felt like I HAVE to go and produce something now and I  didn’t like the feeling. I love photography and I love to shoot – but I want to shoot when I want and I believe I only can produce high quality work when I really want to do it.

So I decided to stop. I looked through some other people’s older 365 projects and found that after a few days or weeks the pictures got more and more boring. Lots of pics of the own pet or child (nothing against your children pictures :) ) and so on.

I don’t want that. For me photography is a form of art and taking a snapshot of your dog just for the sake of taking today’s picture is not.

So, as a “sign of freedom” I give you my last picture for this project, a free flying kite :)


And good luck to all of you who still keep going on it! Just remember, if you stop to feel it, it has no worth!


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