I’m almost late to post my shot for this weeks Photo Challenge. The topic this week is “Shadowed” and how to deal with difficult lightning conditions.

I chose this picture:

Silent Witness

It took me many tries to get the lightning right, I was  using an off camera flash actually located underneath of the hat itself, also I used a flashlight in combination with a 10 second exposure to bring just the right amount of light on top of the hat.

It was challenging but fun to try. Sometimes you need to think out of the box to create something special.

I’m already looking forward to this weeks challenge!


4 thoughts on “Shadowed

    1. Hi Adhika,

      that’s made with a flashlight. If you want to try it i recommend you use a several seconds exposure and quickly draw a flashlight through your picture.

      Also read up on “Light Drawing” there should be lots of information out there :-)


      1. Ah, i see. I have light painted myself before (with cars), but never thought of doing it deliberately. Very creative! :D


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