The Path

The Path.

I was exploring a Buddhist monastery here in Krabi where monks are living a humble life.

I was walking towards a small temple located on a lake (that’s where this bridge is leading) with a white and shining Buddha inside of a small hut.

It was a very peaceful and tranquil sight. When i turned around I have seen this monk feeding the carps in the water and then walking back where ever he came from, so I dropped down to the floor and took this shot with the 2 pillars left and right making a nice frame.

The Path

Since I had a longer discussion about shooting from eye level I always try to shoot from a different, more interesting angle. This time it perfectly worked out and I was able to use the pillars as a frame.

I also decided to remove the saturation of the trees and surroundings to set the focus entirely on the monk. The lush green from the trees pulls the eye too far away from what’s important on this picture.

I hope you like it!


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